For Teachers

eStaccato is open to music teacher of all qualifications. No matter if you are a well-known musician or a music student wanting to earn extra money during your studies, eStaccato can unlock the potential of the internet and get you in touch with pupils from all over the world.

How to become an eStaccato teacher in four simple steps?


Register for a free account

No upfront payment, no subscription.


Select the ‘I want to become a teacher’ option during the registration

No more missed lessons with eStaccato, no more missed opportunities. Lessons can take place everywhere. Just connect your computer to the internet and you are ready to go.


Let us know your qualifications

To safeguard the quality of education provided on eStaccato, we require all teachers to provide us with qualifications. This can range from a studentship confirmation or concert booklets to a teachers’ page of your conservatory.


Receive a free Professional Account with a Band

Make sure you keep your profile up to date: this is how students will contact you.

eStaccato lets you reach out to the new online market, while making sure you get paid for all lessons you give

How does it work?

When you receive your Professional Account and become a teacher on eStaccato, you will be awarded with a Band corresponding with your qualification and experience. Why are the Bands important?

You will be able to represent yourself with a profile and students will be able to search for you and contact you right on eStaccato.

No matter if you bring your existing students online or reach out to new ones, eStaccato will let you teach from wherever you are – whether this is the comfort of your home or when you are away performing, is up to you!

For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions.

It is easy to start!

Your account is completely free and comes with no obligations! You may sign up, use your profile and link with your students at no extra costs.

When you arrange a lesson with your student, you will have a chance to set up a price. Your student will pay in advance of the lesson using our secure payment system. Once the lessons starts, you are assured to receive your money!

For your use of the system, we will take a commission out of your lesson price. You can sit back, we will do all the calculations for you.

For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do we have different Bands of teachers?

Bands are an integral part of eStaccato. They are here to provide a simple way of distinguishing teachers by their experience. This will allow to match students with the teachers who are right for them, and protect higher education teachers from being contacted by beginners should they not want to be.

Band A is the highest Band available and is reserved for the most experienced musicians and music teachers. Band A will be awarded to teachers involved with higher education institutions or to major performers.

Band B is the class for highly experienced musicians and music teachers. Any Band B teacher will typically have to be involved with a music school other than higher education for at least 5 years or teach privately for at least 10 years.

Band C is reserved for such teachers who have recently graduated from a higher music education institution and have at least some experience with teaching, privately or in any school.

Band D contains all teachers who are about to start their music careers, but not yet received their diplomas. Band D teachers are usually music students enrolled in fulltime music undergraduate courses.

For more information, we recommend reading section 4.8 of the Terms of Use.